25% Municipal Funding
45%  Provincial
30% Shelter House Fundraising   
and Donations   

Shelter House is reliant on donations from individuals, businesses, service clubs and special fundraising events. Similar to other non-profit organizations, fiscal restraints are an ongoing concern. While the demand and cost of providing specific services continue to rise, core funding continues to be evasive.

We assist people to access the resources and support they require to turn their lives around, and gain back their independence. Shelter House provides people with the hope and encouragement necessary to give them purpose and make them part of the community once again.

Our organization is committed to developing community resources and seeking long-term solutions for homelessness.

If you have any fundraising ideas, or would like to make a donation...please contact Tessa Murray, Events & Volunteer Coordinator at 623-8182 or email:  shelterhouse%23on%23ca|events