Justine Jekker

Justine Jecker completed her undergraduate and Master’s studies at McMaster University in the mid-2000’s. In her final occupational therapy placement, she came to Thunder Bay and completed training in the Neurology Day Program. She was hired on by the TBRHSC in 2009 and worked for three years in Forensic Mental Health. In 2012, she was offered a job at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine and spends half of her time teaching in the Health Sciences Unit, and half of her time engaging in community occupational therapy. She began providing services to Shelter House in January of 2014, and has had the pleasure of supervising six students over a total of six months in the past 1.5 years. This placement experience has become a sustainable endeavor that will be offered every January/February and July/August, into the foreseeable future. She is very excited to have been asked to join this Board and is looking forward to making new partnerships.