Mission & Values

Our Mission

Shelter House provides basic needs, dignity and comfort to people living in poverty and stimulates action to address the root causes of homelessness.

Our Vision

Shelter House envisions a just and equal society, where people can live with dignity.


In the pursuit of this Mission and Vision, we will be guided by the following Principles and Values.

There is a collective responsibility to help people in need

The entire community benefits from our work

All people have worth and deserve respect and dignity

All people have the right to safe shelter, nutritious food and clothing

All people deserve timely access to community services

All people have the right to make choices about their lives

Diversity is embraced and we strive to be inclusive and accepting of all people

Poverty, injustice and oppression are social problems, not a result of individual failings

Our work contributes to the alleviation of poverty, injustice and oppression

We are committed to working in partnership to address societal change