Shelter House provides


Shelter House is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including weekends and holidays.  We provide laundry facilities, showers and can accomodate up to 62 men, women and youth (age 16 to 18) in segregated dorms.  Our facility is a temporary, emergency shelter and does not offer long term housing


Shelter House offers free clothing through a small clothing depot. Clothing is accessible to residents and dining clients to help ensure that people can access items they require for themselves or their family members.


The ultimate goal is for each individual to secure adequate and affordable housing in the community.  Thunder Bay, like many other Canadian communities, faces a severe shortage of affordable housing. We work closely with outside social service agencies and provide appropriate referrals, outreach, life skills, crisis intervention, and work experience where possible to help residents move forward in securing a home.


The Kwae Kii Win Centre Managed Alcohol Centre provides supportive living for 15 people who have experienced long term homelessness and addiction to alcohol. By providing supportive housing, combined with accessible health care, nutritious food and psycho-social supports, residents at  the  Kwae Kii Win Centre reduce dangerous drinking levels and rely less on emergency services to meet their health and social needs.  

Supportive living is not a new concept. It is a much less expensive solution to help people with severe health conditions than one that is solely reactive, and it offers residents a much higher quality of life.

Kwae Kii Win Centre offers a harm reduction approach to alcohol use, by allowing clients to consume managed doses of alcohol on site. 

The program provides access to primary care and community supports to assist each client in improving his or her wellness and health overall, leading to more positive outcomes for both the individual and the community.


Shelter House provides three meals a day, and 24 hour access to food at the door.

We offer two community meals daily from 2 to 3 pm and 7 to 8 pm, which typically sees up to 200 people visiting for a meal at each serving time. 

Combined with meals for residents and food access at the door, Shelter House provides 600 and 700 meals daily. We also distribute surplus groceries and prepare emergency food hampers on occasion. Shelter House meal service depends on the generous charity of the community through donations of perishable and non-perishable food and over 50,000 hours of volunteer time that goes into food collection, preparation and serving. 

Through your help and donations, Shelter House is able to offer programs, services and community education to help realize our vision of a just and equal society, where people can live with dignity.