thanks to you



 Thank you to Dr. Pynn for dropping off an entire truckload of food that we were in desperate need of! Thank you!

 image Dr. Pynn generously donated $1000 in bus tickets for Ukranian Christmas in memory of Dr. Bill Dowhos.

image Jessica donated $575 after she accepted a challenge from her pastor to do something nice for someone!

July 2014

Northwood Park Church of Christ  Northwood Park Church of Christ

NOSM  NOSM Students

Mussel White Mines   Adele Faubert - Mussel White Mines

CAW   CAW Local 229

Brayden Budnik   Brayden Budnik

Gabriel-Lemelin-Wiersma   Gabriel-Lemelin-Wiersma

Dr. Pynn   Dr. Pynn

United Steel Workers   United Steel Workers - Steelworkers Humanity Fund

Grandview Rec. Hockey Association   Bill Moore, President of Grandview Rec. Hockey Association

Central Canada Industries/Auto Parts Central/Lakehead Alternator    Thank you management & staff of Central Canada Industries/Auto Parts Central/Lakehead Alternator and guests

Copperfin Credit Union   Superior Credit Union, now Copperfin Credit Union applied for community funding on our behalf

Estate of Anne McGonigal   Thank you to the Estate of Anne McGonigal