Please take a moment to watch the following videos to know how to wear and remove your PPE properly, and please fill out our COVID-19 Acknowledgement as it is a requirement for volunteering with us.

COVID-19 Acknowledgement

COVID-19 Screening Acknowledgement

I understand that I am to be screened by a Shelter House employee when I arrive at the building. I understand that this screening process must be completed every time I come to volunteer. Further, I acknowledge that I will not be allowed to enter the building unless I pass this screening.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Acknowledgement

Wearing masks:
- Adjust the mask so it fits snugly against the face, is secured along the sides of the face, and molded over the bridge of the nose; air should not enter the mask edges.
- Keep beards groomed so that the mask fits as closely to the face as possible.
- Change the mask if it gets wet.
Wearing eye protection or shields:
- Wear a shield or goggles/eye protection anytime social distancing is not possible or a client or person does not have a mask on.
- Eye protection or shields are required when front-facing a community client without a plexiglass barrier between the two parties.