Kwae Kii Win Managed Alcohol Centre


In March 2012, Shelter House opened the doors to the Kwae Kii Win Managed Alcohol Program. This ‘housing first’ facility offers supportive living to people who have experienced long periods of homelessness and chronic alcohol addiction. 

The program has shown incredible results for residents and the community alike. A rigorous evaluation showed that participants in the program had improvements in health and quality of life and 40 to 80% less reductions in contact with police, emergency services and withdrawal management services.  By reducing the time that people with chronic alcohol problems spend in police custody and emergency rooms, community resources can be used in different ways to improve the safety and health of all citizens.

The program offers a second chance, a chance to reflect. It’s a new beginning. - Molly

Without this program, I would of not changed, or believed  in myself. - Clayton

The staff are cool here. – Greg

Kwae Kii Win, it is a turning point…it works for me - Annie


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